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Jonathan Adler's Pro-Ana Needlepoint Pillow: In Poor Taste?

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Image via <a href="">Kirna Zabête</a>
Image via Kirna Zabête

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About a year ago, Kate Moss caused a firestorm by telling WWD that one of her mottoes was "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Back in May, Perez Hilton removed a t-shirt with the slogan from his online store after public criticism. And now the controversial phrase has popped up again, this time on a pillow by Jonathan Adler for Kirna Zabête.

Of course, Adler is known for his cheeky needlepoints: Right now, he's selling a $165 pillow that brightly announces "drugs!" plus another that runs down all seven deadly sins. And you could argue that rendering anything in a medium so obviously retro as needlepoint is the same thing as putting air quotes around it. (The Urban Outfitters blog, for its part, thinks the pillow is hilarious.) But you could also argue—pretty convincingly—that anorexia jokes are cruel or at least tasteless, even if the pillow never actually convinces anyone to skip so much as a snack.

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