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From Rogan, with Love: Inside the Bowery Store's Jewelry Pop-Up

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Jewelry designer Pamela Love has brought her dark, nature-inspired vision to collaborations with everyone from Opening Ceremony (for accessories based on Where The Wild Things Are) to Alice + Olivia. Now, she's teamed up with Rogan Gregory on Rogan vs. Love, a collection of five lockets engraved with words of wisdom and feathers. Their Love child is housed inside a pop-up shop at Rogan's Bowery through the end of the month.

The guys at Rogan have placed photographs of celebrities and child pageant winners in the lockets, but the pieces themselves are already something to envy. The engravings read "Let's Make Mistakes," "Don't Stop Love," "Don't Cry," "What Have Your Eyes Done To Me," and "Where Ashes Remain There Was Fire," and each one has enough space inside to fit two photos of your grandmother's face. (Check out all five on Rogan's website.)

The lockets aren't cheap: Three cost $435 and the remaining two are worth $475, the price of a double-sided engraving. However, if you're looking for something a little less pricey, you can also find non-collab pieces at the pop-up. The collection is surrounded by editions of Catcher In The Rye, but the aesthetic is more Heart of Darkness, with metal braided to look like rope and hearts pierced with daggers. The jewelry ranges in prices from $125 to $1240—some of the more expensive ones have diamonds placed in them.

The pop-up shop carries more than jewelry. PL mixtapes are selling for $5 and drawings of Pamela Love's jewelry sell for $175. The designer collaborated with artist Ryder Robinson to create a set for the pop-up. Since her pieces are gold and silver, they pair beautifully with the blue and green colors used in one of the drawings.

When we spoke to the guys at Rogan, they told us the pop-up will last a bit past the holidays, but they also hinted that some pieces may make their stay longer in their store. We hope so, because after the holiday shopping for our folks is complete, we want to stop in to complete our outfits with a bird's skull ring or two.—Jena Glick
· Pamela Love [Official Site]
· Rogan vs. Love [Rogan]


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