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The Made Her Think Sale Feels Like an LES Boutique

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The Made Her Think sale looks nothing like the haphazardly thrown together mish-mash of goods that usually goes by the name "sample sale." In fact, it's the exact opposite. The small room has been decorated with potted plants and trinkets like vintage-looking jewel boxes and old glass bottles. It's pleasant enough to make you forget that you're in a sale entirely—that is, until you see women piling up trays with $30 bracelets and remember that you're surrounded by crazy deals. But onto the important stuff: shiny things!
Jewelry starts at $5 for small pewter studs and a bin of $5 plastic skull and "diamond" rings along with assorted funky baubles. We found lots of goods for $30, such as the Pendulum diamond ring, the bejeweled knuckle buster ring, and some amazing clip-on Art Deco earrings. And tough chain mail bracelets were only $20. Our favorites were still in the $50 to $100 range, though, like the talon earrings, the Blade series, and long rhinestone necklaces. Also, there were about ten fringed and studded leather bags for sale, marked down from around $600 to $150.

The sale is a great place to get a last-minute gift for someone who wants a unique, tough yet feminine piece of jewelry that can stand alone or layer well. We found a large assortment of ring sizes, and staffers said they would be replenishing all day, although mostly re-stocking the styles that are already out.—Rachel Traub
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