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Juicy Couture Now Carrying Bedbugs Alongside Sweatpants

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As of yesterday, there's actually something worse at Juicy Couture's store than tracksuits: a whole slew of bedbugs.

The shop at 650 Fifth Avenue closed its on Tuesday after discovering the vermin, making it the first large store shutdown in Midtown since Niketown's pest problem back in September. The merchandise inside the brand's 15,000 square foot shop is being treated for the crawlies, and despite its size, the location expected to reopen later this week.

Now that we think about it, though, there might be more in common between Juicy's tush-tagged tracksuits and bedbugs than we thought. You don't want to go anywhere near them, don't want them in your home, and if your friend has one, you want to get the hell away from them, fast. Maybe the buggers have just been crawling their way through the city in order to get to Juicy, where they're meant to be together.
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Juicy Couture

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