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Plenty of Samples and Party Frocks at the Tracy Reese Sale

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Nothing like four racks of samples and gift-with-purchase at the Tracy Reese sale to bring a retail ray of sunshine to this wet and miserable morning. The sale also features Plenty and Frock and prices start at just $35. Let's get to it, as with the gratis nail polish and scarf for the first 50 shoppers, the samples are also going fast.

Try and avoid being distracted by the pretty dresses and fuzzy coats in the off-the-rack section and head left and around the corner to the sample racks first. Here, Plenty and Frock samples are just $35 and Tracy Reese pieces are $50. From the looks of things, the racks are heavy on the Plenty and Frock, but for $35, we really can't complain. Look out for a sheer jewel embellished tank, lots of signature girly dresses in prints and lace, and a few cute knits (make sure to double check the zippers, though). Sadly, the sample coats were dunzo and the area was undergoing a slow-burning raid, so head over early for the remaining good pieces. All samples are sized from zero to four and what we saw was in great condition.

As for the main floor, all three labels are mixed into the racks and are organized by size, ranging from zero to twelve and petite to large. For Frock and Plenty, the pricing runs $55 for jersey tops to $85 for sweaters, tops and blouses, to $110 for dresses and $150 for coats. Here, we admired the macro-lace dresses in creams and blacks, the long sleeve winter-white embroidered tops, and the long gray wool coat with techno-blue textured detail.

For the mothership line Tracy Reese, prices start at $70 for camis, running to $105 for tops, $115 for sweaters, $165 for dresses and $250 for coats. Highlights included a black multi-ruffle and silver detail cocktail dress, a brown ultra-suede bandage tank frock and nubbly faux fur waist-length jackets.

One thing to note: The sale is at 260 Fifth, but on the second floor of the office section next to the standing Misorena-run sample sale ground-floor store. As expected, there is no set fitting area and there are a few small Ikea full-length mirrors scattered throughout the sale, so pile in, ladies. Dress carefully because there are lots of men bargain-holiday gift shopping and they feel awkward enough as it is. There is some additional stock of the same styles, but almost everything is out on the floor. Cash and credit are accepted. Hurry, there were still 40 free gifts left as of an hour ago.
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