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Manolo Sale Scheduled for Same Day as Rumored Louboutin Sale

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A shot from last time
A shot from last time

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Next week, fans of power heels might be forced to make the ultimate choice: Manolo or Louboutin? In some cosmic act of cruel irony, the fates have decreed that this fall's semi-annual Manolo Blahnik sale will fall the same day as the rumored Louboutin sale: This Thursday, November 11. It will run from 9am to 3pm at the Warwick Hotel at 65 W. 54th Street, about sixteen blocks north and a couple blocks east of the Louboutin sale. Could a very determined, very patient person be able to hit both? Possibly, but it won't be easy. "Think of it as a day of soul searching," suggests Madison Avenue Spy.

Here's the (tarnished, dingy) silver lining: Nobody knows if those Louboutin dates are correct. A Louboutin rep told us point-black that they're false, and last we checked, none of our usual sources had received invitations. Louboutin really, really doesn't want crashers—as they've reasonably pointed out, this is a private event, despite the overwhelming public interest—so it's possible that they're going to be especially cagey this year. All things considered, the Manolo Blahnik sale seems like a much safer bet.
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