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Take a Video Tour Through the Kardashians' New Soho Store

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Take a tour with us, why don't you? We did the unthinkable yesterday evening and set foot inside the barely open Dash boutique on Spring Street. You know, the one run by the Kardashian sisters three.

First impressions: There are no clothes in the window. Why? Well, it's quite obvious, and you'll see it more inside when you spy the girls' giant Glamorshots. What the Kardashians sell here isn't so much the underwhelming mix of clothes and accessories, but their personal brand. By creating something, a store or whatever, they're slowly flipping the "what is Kim Kardashian known for, anyway?" into "Oh, that's the Kim who has a show and some clothing stores." Also, they totally stole MiuMiu's disco mannequins.

If you don't aspire to dress like you're the Kardashians' long-lost twin, then there's no need to even venture into this place; it's Kim and Khloe and Kourtney's style through and through. What that means is leopard print, short black polyester dresses, and those mangy, shaggy fur coats we've been seeing everywhere. Those items, repeated in different cuts and sizes, are basically what hangs on the pipe racks that line the walls.

Dash really seems to make its money off the tables at the center, where they've piled denim and T-shirts, but not just any denim and T-shirts; these have "look at me" stuff on them. See that nice black sweater? Pick it up: A sequined lightning bolt streaks down the entire front, like Lady Gaga might design if she collaborated with Sears. And that "French Fry Addict" tee? Yeah, we'd love to see Kim sport that.
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119 Spring Street, New York, NY