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Five Dollar Rings and Ten Dollar Earrings at Erica Weiner

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Walking into the Erica Weiner sample sale at the jewelry designer's Lower East Side showroom/workspace is like walking back in time into the workroom of an early 1900's jewelry shop. The sale pieces are all fancifully displayed and the backdrop of shiny metals and baubles stored in large candy jars just added to the whimsical retro ambiance.

Pieces start at just $5 for dead stock vintage rings laid out like a plate of candy. On the front display table, shoppers will also find a hanging display of vintage lockets of all shapes and sizes priced between $40 and $55, plus an array of sample and dead stock necklaces all priced between $20 and $90.

Fans of the line will also notice the lovely double letterpress necklace (in gold and silver) which is on sale for $40 (down from $65 for silver and $75 for gold). There are also a bunch of one-of-a-kind mini-penknife necklaces for $45 each (similar to this $175 version online).

There are also eye catching displays mixed in the nooks and crannies of the front showroom space. (We love the earring tree and the use of vintage books as display trays.) Speaking of earrings, there is a wealth of $10 earrings, from simple small bird shaped pairs to more ornate and sizable leaf sets. Other pieces that caught our eye: chain necklaces with vials holding various stones ($41), mini-handcuff necklaces on thin chains ($45), delicate leaf shaped rings ($30), and multi-color beaded cocktail rings ($60).

The sale is cash only; don't forget like we did to mention Facebook or Twitter for an extra 10% off. This is a great chance to cash in (so to speak) on Erica Weiner's already affordable jewelry. It's never too early to start your holiday shopping!
· Erica Weiner [Official Site]

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