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The Louboutin Sale Rumors Have Officially Begun

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The Christian Louboutin Sample Sale is rumored to be rearing its stiletto head next Thursday and Friday, and if it's anything like years past, prepare yourself for a high heel frenzy that may or may not be worth it.

If you're already planning your early Thursday morning "doctor's appointment" to coincide with the sale's 9 am start, do be warned: Madison Avenue Spy emphasizes that the dates are unconfirmed and it's truly RSVP only. But, we know that you've been ignoring everything after the words "Louboutin" and "sale", so lets just get on with it, shall we?

On the last go around, the line was an absurd three hours long for the public's RSVP only sale, and the size range of shoes inside was limited, with 37, 38 and 39's few and far between. Costing around $250 a pop for the lower-end odd designs and styles, the shoes at those price points were debatably worth it.

But, if you have small or large feet and have money to burn, you might want to try to weasel your way in if sample sale history repeats itself. Last time, prices ran up to $1250, and some of the more jealousy-inducing heels, like python lace-ups, were $450, so even if you're not looking to swipe up Loubie espadrilles, you could still tuck your feet into something fabulous at a markdown.

The sale will be on the 14th floor of 306 West 38th Street, next door to the previous sale earlier this year, so if you want a rundown of exactly what waiting outside will be like, we've got you covered. Hopefully this time around, there will be more space. And more shoes. And no one there trying them on but us.

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