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The Kardashians' Store Opens, Kauses Komplete Khaos

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Last night, the Kardashian sisters feted their new Soho shop Dash—the third door in their so-serious-there-isn't-even-a-website chainlet. It was pretty much impossible to get into the shop, but we would like to paint a picture of the scene for those of you who didn't happen to be trapped in a purgatorial street hell of monster-sized pseudo-celebrities advancing their "careers" in "fashion."

What we saw: Escalades; barking, very unhappy police officers; and hundreds (maybe thousands?) of chanting super fans (seriously?) cordoned off by various steel barricades—many carrying signs professing their devotion to whatever the Kardashians are. It was a mess, Spring Street was closed off, and we couldn't even see the store behind the velvet ropes, photo backdrops, tragic admirers and cops, cops, cops. Basically: Yuck.
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