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What is Lilla P and Why Is It Coming to MePa?

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A couple weeks ago, a slightly secret cash-only sample sale went down on the third floor of 420 West 14th Street, across from Alexander McQueen. The brand up for grabs was Lilla P, a comfy basics line with a cult following, and a headquarters in the building. Now they're ready to move downstairs with an actual storefront.

When Lilla P does open, it will be the most affordable store on that block, seeing as how their most-loved item, the Origami top (like the same thing as a DKNY Cozy), is under $100 and yet shares the same air with other stores that aren't pricing even simple T-shirts lower than $400. Overall, it's a smart move since the Chelsea Market Anthropologie is so close by, and their demographics are one and the same. McQueen's devotees, however, will just keep on walking.
· Lilla P [Official Site]

Lilla P

420 West 14th Street, New York, NY