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Which Department Store Has the Best Holiday Windows?

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All photos by Julia Chesky

Now that the Big Six of New York department stores—Saks, Lord & Taylor, Barneys, Bendel, Bergdorf, and Bloomingdale's—have all unveiled their holiday windows, it's time for our annual poll. Which store best captured all that is magical and joyous about New York City in late December? And which stores need to step it up next year? It's your call. But first, take a moment to reacquaint yourself with the contestants.

· Saks Fifth Avenue took us to a magical word of bubbles and snowflakes
· Lord & Taylor gave us a peek into city Christmases
· Barneys celebrated foodie culture with chef caricatures
· Henri Bendel created an ode to The Nutcracker
· Bergdorf Goodman asked us to come along and ride on a fantastic voyage
· Bloomingdale's displayed holiday messages via computer animation

Poll results