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Crazy Dancing Teens Attack at Aéropostale in Times Square

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Teens are taking over Times Square, New York's prime pedestrian mall-slash-shopping mecca, and retailers are ready with flagships galore. The latest empor-o-max to open is Aéropostale at the corner of Broadway and 45th. As one exec put it, "If you're a kid coming into Manhattan via Port Authority, it's a lot easier to go to Times Square than SoHo." Downtowners can only hope that this wisdom proves true.

The newest Aéropostale outpost is in the middle of teen territory, sitting south of the absolutely huge American Eagle at 46th, and across from both the mondo Forever 21 and soon-to-open digs for Disney. Here, nearly 20,000 square feet of Frenchified hoodies, tees and jeans of all sorts can be found. Also on hand are some only-in-New-York styles, exclusive and limited editions that can be found no where else. But it's what's out front, beaming over Broadway, that they're hoping will keep the kids coming back for more, credit cards in hand.

Looming over the famous bow-tie of Seventh Avenue and Broadway, 120' of LED signage wraps around big windows, framing a dance floor where the young and brave can prance for the AERO Dance Cam. Their partners are the store's "virtual models" and their moves are beamed out to the 365,000 folks who pass daily through the Crossroads of the World. To serve those who like their shopping non-stop, Aéropostale will keep their Times Square doors open until 3 AM on the weekends. And for those who live far off but dream of dancing for millions, Aéropostale is offering a celebratory Grand Opening prize-fest, where the lucky winner will win an all expenses paid to trip Times Square, topping it off with a very unique New Years Eve adventure.
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