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Design A Bergdorf Window And You Could Shop Inside For Free

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If you spent your childhood with your nose glued against the glass-enclosed winter wonderlands that Bergdorf Goodman creates on Fifth Avenue every winter, here's your chance to utilize your interest for more than just wide-eyed wonder. From November 5th through November 12th, the store will be hosting a Polyvore Holiday Windows Challenge online, and even for the mildest display fanatic, the prizes are pretty exciting.

Participants can create a virtual Bergdorf store window on Polyvore starting Friday. The creator of the winning wintertime design will receive an autographed copy of Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, authored by Visual Director David Hoey and Women's Fashion Director Linda Fargo. The winner will also get the opportunity to attend the book signing soiree where this year's windows will be unveiled, a private tour of the windows, and $2500 to spend in-store.

Dreaming in diorama format just became a lot more lucrative. This year's theme is day-tripping, so start plotting your visualizations about short jaunts to various locales. Even if your window design doesn't win, at least you'll have gone on a fun brain vacation.
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Bergdorf Goodman

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Bergdorf Goodman

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