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Nutria-palooza! to Bring Rat Hats, Jewelry to Bushwick

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Nutria are giant rat-like creatures with Cheeto-orange teeth. In some regions of the country, where they've been running wild for generations, they're considered vermin. Bushwick, however, is not one of those regions, which at least begins to explain why local designers are staging a fashion show with clothing made from nutria pelts.

The people behind Nutria-palooza!, set for the House of Yes on November 21, want to publicize Louisiana's ongoing nutria problem by suggesting alternate uses for the animal's fur. As the design director of event organizer Righteous Fur ominously explained to the Brooklyn Paper, "At this point, it's almost a case of us versus them in southern Louisiana."

People have been wearing nutria clothing for years—you might recall Elaine's "rat hat" on Seinfeld—but the appeal tends to disappear as soon as you see a picture of the little monsters. Still, if you'd like to do your part to help rescue Louisiana, try the Brooklyn Flea on November 20, where Righteous Fur will be selling nutria pieces, possibly including designer Cree McCree's tooth necklace above. Just try not to think too hard about what those things have gnawed on.
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