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Kim Kardashian Wants to Sell You $10 Water on Black Friday

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...Actually, if Kim Kardashian had it her way, you'd be buying $10 water everyday. There's nothing special about the water, unless you count that the flip side of the label is a photo of the KKK girls (that's Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, we mean), but it's one of the featured items at their two-week-old boutique Dash on Spring Street.

With Black Friday (and the Soho shopping crowds that embrace it) right around the corner, we found ourselves wondering how Dash is preparing for the onslaught. Thus, we finally steeled ourselves enough to spend real time in the store, and this is what we found:

· $40 Dash candles, $12 shopping totes that other decent stores would give away free and $60 plain white Dash T-shirts constituting a mini souvenir area near the registers.
· A shopper who reminded us of Angelina from Jersey Shore ("the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island") pestering the security guard with these questions: "So do the Kardashians ever actually come in?" "What do they when they're here?" His answers: "ehh, sometimes" and "hang out."

· Much empty space on the tables and paltry stock on the racks.
· No shoppers interested in the real clothing, or even venturing to try on things. Many girls (we visited in the evening rush hour of a weekday) simply walked through without touching much, maybe purely out of curiosity?
· These brands scattered about: Pally, Kova & T, Alice, Wildfox (makers of this LA heinousness), Veda, Kill City, Poetry, Bebe, Camilla & Marc, Backstage and Alice + Olivia.
· The bear hat/scarves pictured below, each of which cost $100. Wait, didn't Bryanboy just buy a way better version of these from a street vendor for $25?

Our final impression: Dash NYC has the unmistakeable air of a pop-up shop. Sure, it may last longer than Christmas, but we'd put real money on the bet that Dash will be gone within months of the end of the Kardashian's reality show, for which they came here to create the store.

And now for bright side: at least the space isn't being used for a Von Dutch Spring Street reprise.
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119 Spring Street, New York, NY