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Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Windows Go on a Fantastic Voyage

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Julia Chesky, 11/18/10

Bergdorf Goodman believes in maximalism for its holiday windows, so we're following their lead with a big, bold photo gallery of 48 pictures. This year's title is "Wish You Were Here"—appropriate because each lush scene is designed to make passersby wish they really were standing in the middle of whatever dreamy landscape designer David Hoey has managed to conjure up.

The displays are organized by means of transportation. "Full Speed Ahead" has nautical mannequins piloting a boat, "Daytripping" is all about space travel, and the vehicle in "A Guided Tour" is a flying horse (more romantic than the Bolt Bus, sure, but does it come with Wifi?) "The Scenic Route," a red- and plaid-filled journey that recalls—and maybe reuses?—last year's Alice in Wonderland windows, features trains, and "Ready for Takeoff" stars a hot-air balloon. For more details, head to the Bergdorf blog, where there's a video about the making of the windows.
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