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Bloomingdale's Holiday Display: "A New Low for All Windows"

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Julia Chesky, 11/18/10

This year, Bloomingdale's bypassed holiday props entirely, filling its windows with approximately 100 digital screens that play Christmas-themed computer animation. The result caused such conniptions in our generally hilarious window photographer, Julia Chesky, that we figured we'd let her speak for herself.

Never have I seen such a level of failure. I thought last year's glittery Pedobear-looking mess was bad enough but this plasma screen cheesy dollar store snow graphics displaying HAPPY MERRY PEACE LOVE is perhaps a new low for all windows worldwide. I think I would rather have seen a kitten with a ball of yarn playing in front of it because someone spent a year, A YEAR, thinking this up. Budget cuts are real? And half of the windows displayed Windows error messages. Guess Bloomingdale's doesn't believe in Apple products either. No one can hate on Lord and Taylor, it might be outdated but this is just sloppy and lazy.Damn. When we run our Best Holiday Windows poll in a week or two, don't put all your money on Bloomie's.
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