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Doyle & Doyle and Anthropologie Partner To Sell Vintage Baubles

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Doyle & Doyle, the Lower East Side jewelry shop owned by Jane Lynch's sister-in-law, has teamed up with Anthropologie to create special web offerings of unique jewelry hand-selected by the two.

Unlike most collaborations of the sort, the partnership between the companies is focused on teaming up to provide one of a kind vintage pieces to its shoppers, instead of creating new ones that pay homage to pieces from the past.

Housed under a section of the brand's website called "For The Collector", estate jewelry ranging from delicate diamond and sapphire rings to a locket from the early 1900s are all for sale. With a manageable selection that will be replenished as items are purchased, the baubles are such dreamworthy finds that you won't be able to stop yourself from wondering who was wearing your potential new gems years and years ago.

A brand whose decades-old items pair perfectly with a website cart full of light-flowy garments and gives us Glee street cred? Now all we need are some a capella skills and we'll have everything we were hoping for this holiday season.

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Doyle & Doyle

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