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Queen of e.vil Is All Bad at 666 Broadway

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For those Bad Girls looking to strut their stuff, there's a new shop in Noho featuring all sorts of nasties from the Queen of Evil. The royal edict is "e.vil As Decreed by the Queen of e.vil" and the specialty here are graphic tees, often favored by Queen Madge back when she was confessing on the dancefloor. Tees come in an assortment of acid colors, trumpeting what her highness calls "Ironic Contradictions" such as "Terrified of Boredom." Pink, of course, predominates, much as it does further down Broadway at Lola Star, where the focus is on the beach rather than the bitch.

At 666 there's neon all aglow, beckoning good girls to celebrate their inner snob. Black is big, too, and Grateful Dead goodies, from bears to roses to embellish tops that cling. The address is the diabolically appropriate 666 Broadway, but the entry is around the corner on ever-fashionable Bond Street. Don't be fooled by the papered-over windows, touting evil ones from Pee Wee Herman to Sarah Palin and captured by celeb photog Terry Richardson. The Queen is now open for business, offering an arch antidote to old-fashioned holiday cheer.
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