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NYPD Busts the H&M Stabbing Rumor Currently Burning Up Twitter

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Allow us to restore your faith in humanity: According to the good people at the Midtown South Precinct, nobody was arrested for stabbing anybody else outside the Herald Square H&M today. Gothamist posted about the stabbing rumor around 11am after seeing reports from "twitnesses," but most of the information online seems to be coming from the lone @ComfortablySmug comment above (and, unfortunately, from our retweet of it.) A quick call to the NYPD poked a hole in the story, and H&M's Twitter reiterates that "no fashion victims were harmed in today's Lanvin for H&M line."

We've reached out to @ComfortablySmug to see where the rumor came from. For what it's worth, it sounds like he or she isn't particularly enamored of crazed Lanvin fans to begin with.

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