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After 126 Years, Cire Trudon Candles Finally Come To New York

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Image via Hypebeast

The view out your window might be of your creepy old neighbor, but with Nolita's newest shop, you can close your eyes and pretend its the Eiffel Tower a bit more easily.

French candle company Cire Trudon has just opened its first non-Parisian shop at 54 Bond Street in the former home of the Bouwerie Lane Theatre, and we can't wait to smell everything they're offering.

Taking inspiration from Versailles with its Parisian-esque styling, the shop not only looks like the type of place we'd happily gather an armful of gifts in, but one we'd also love to move into immediately. The candle makers opened their first shop in Paris in 1884, and with candelabras, antiques and some of the most beautifully colored candles we've seen, it's no surprise that the company is still around.

We just hope someone invites us to their housewarming soon so we have an excuse to buy one of each. Or, maybe we'll just get them all now and pretend we're being responsible. If they all end up being a gift from ourselves to ourselves, well, we'll just have to deal with it.
· Cire Trudon New York City Grand Opening [HypeBeast]

Cire Trudon

54 Bond Street, New York NY 10012