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A Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Post-Mortem

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Congratulations, for you have officially survived the semi-annual Christian Louboutin sample sale. It ended at 3pm today. You may not have bought anything, or even gotten past the list-guard, or even gone at all...but hey, you're still alive, right? What a week.

Rumors from the first couple days made it sound as if today, during the sale's final few hours, they would allow the public to shop. Curious, we stopped by to find that this was not the case. They still checked and cross-checked the lists and what's more, the shoes didn't see any further discounting.

We did snap photos of the four pairs above, some of the rare leftover gems on the shelves (and all over $250 yet), but otherwise the pickings are pretty sad; that is, unless you're into neon yellow satin D'Orsay pumps with stains or some really insane lime suede boat shoes with 6" heels. Or the $1000 exotic skin kitten heels. Yea, we didn't think so.
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