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Men in Plaid and Women in Clogs Turn Out for Steven Alan

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Intrepid Racked reporter Fawnia Soo Hoo is one of the people currently waiting in line outside the bi-annual Steven Alan sale for first crack at hipster Americana from the designer and the little labels showcased in his stores. Let's liveblog this thing!

7:37am: Hello! I just arrived and there are only about six people here. That may be because the line is next to a serious safety hazard. There's a massive demolition truck grinding up the detritus of some former business right next to us. The noise is deafening and I'm afraid someone is going to be maimed by a wayward board.

7:45am: Oh yay—they finished and drove off. I can hear again.

7:50am: Wow, the line has grown quickly. Five more people just joined and it seems like they're all Steven Alan pros. The guy behind me left a space for the fitness club entrance without any prompting from staffers (who aren't here yet anyway.)

7:52am: A staffer from the aforementioned Peter Anthony Fitness just poked his head out and remarked, "And it begins. The line will be around the corner before we know it."

7:58am: As usual, the Steven Alan line brings out the best in men's footwear. I see lace-up black leather ankle boots (paired with cropped and cuffed jeans, no less), an ankle boot version of dock shoes in suede, polished oxfords, and a couple pairs of suede camel brogues. One female shopper is representing with gold No.6 clogs. (I'm just assuming they're No.6 since that's a Steven Alan brand.)

8:00am: Staffers are starting to roll in and the line is steadily growing.

8:03am: I just noticed that half the line is carrying a Billy's Bakery coffee cup. I feel left out.

8:10am: Is there a ballet school nearby? Because a group of about 10 girls with severe topknots and big tote bags just strolled by.

8:16am: OK, there's definitely a ballet school around here. Just saw five more girls with first-rate posture walk by.

8:21am: The line is almost to the end of the block and it looks like staffers are gearing up for the opening. A modelesque male staffer just stepped outside for a last-minute smoke.

8:24am: There's a little commotion going on behind me. Sounds like old colleagues have reunited in the Steven Alan sale line.

8:27am: Staffers are putting up a banner with clear packing tape. Not sure that's going to work. But that means doors are opening soon! Can't come fast enough—it's cold out here.

8:30am: Opening! Compared to Louboutin yesterday, that was so painless.

Steven Alan Sale

87 Franklin Street, New York NY