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An Up-Close Look at Womenswear at the Steven Alan Sample Sale

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After yesterday's quick and dirty preview and a relaxed line, it's time to take a more exhaustive and intimate look at the latest installment of the Steven Alan sale, offering 30% to 75% off Steven Alan and company items. By "intimate", we mean figuratively and literally. More often than not, you will find yourself smashed up against fellow shoppers in a congested aisle, and don't forget about all the half-naked people running around.

So let's get to it with the Steven Alan label sale which is downstairs this time around. The womenswear (full menswear report coming soon) is located in the room to the right. We suggest first hightailing it to the $25 blazers in the back right. Most of the seasonal herringbone and corduroy ones are size 8, but we found a fantastic deal in sizes 2 and up: a moto-jacket in both cream and denim vertical stripes.

There is a small selection of wool coats ($249) next to the blazers. Shirts—long sleeve ($58) and short sleeve ($48)—are plentiful in plaids, stripes, solids and florals. Dresses are $45 for spring and $179 for fall styles. Pants (quite a few seasonal wool styles), denim skirts, and shorts in wool, corduroy, and cheeky ascot-type patterns are $85. Also, there is a table of a few sweater styles running around $149 each in chunky pink and cream knits and soft stripes.

If you're in the market for leather bags, check out the Steven Alan bag racks featuring saddle bags for $275 and perforated check cross-body "fold" bags for $225. As mentioned in the preview, the shoe selection is spotty this time. There is a random selection of ikat Keds and sparkly Toms for $29, plus we spotted one lone oft-copied Isabel Marant studded ankle boot for a still-pricey $449.

The basement women's section also has a few hanging racks of mostly summery, non-Steven Alan pieces randomly mixed together. A sampling of the goods: Some Odd Rubies brocade pattern zip dress ($199 from $315), a Creatures of Comfort striped top ($79), a Secrets of Charm black and white graphic dress ($149 from $280). There's also a rack of Found Denim jeans starting at $25.

This upstairs-downstairs switcharoo makes for comfy Steven Alan shopping, but the multi-label section offers seriously cramped quarters. The racks are designated by designer, but it's starting to jumble. Plus, there are lots of one-off random items so shoppers should meticulously work the packed racks.

Such careful shopping could yield such finds like a silk turquoise-and-gold zip Octopi dress ($45), a leopard drawstring waist Sea frock ($50), Cardigan striped, well, cardigans ($85), a Spring and Clifton Fair Isle sweater ($72), Loomstate light-washed jeans ($75), a purple Lewis Cho jersey dress ($55), a mini spangled with black rectangular paillettes from Pinky Otto ($64), an Ulla Johnson gold ruffle skirt ($30), and a silk Tetris graphic top from Sunshine and Shadow ($80). There are also massive amounts of Matt & Nat bags starting from $70.

As usual, shoppers check their coats and bags at the door, pay at two separate checkouts (one for Steven Alan and one for the multi-label floors), and try things on out on the floor—there are no fitting rooms. Also per usual, everything is out on the floor, so head over early for the best selection. Bundle up—there was still a line down the block when we left this morning.
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