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Comptoir des Cotonniers to Join the Bleecker Street Club

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With all those Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren shops that take up quite a chunk of Bleecker Street, who woulda thought that there's still some space for Comptoir des Cotonniers to open their third NYC location? Well there is, you've just go to shuffle south on Bleecker a bit to right next to 7 for All Mankind.

The new shop has no official opening date, even though a loose-lipped construction worker at their coming Columbus Ave UWS shop let slip to us that the [edit: Japanese-owned], Frenchified brand is due to open in the West Village at the end of this month. We'd guesstimate it to be more like mid-December if they get their act together because that facade needs refurbishment something fierce...but that may be just the problem.
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Comptoir des Cotonniers

345 Bleecker Street, New York, NY