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Something for Everyone, Especially Size 6, at the Melissa Sale

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First, a confession: we bought the last pair of Vivienne Westwood Wings. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's take a look at what lovely little plastic delights the Melissa shoe sale is offering up, from 12-8pm today through Saturday over in West Chelsea.

At a preview of the sale last night, we frolicked amongst stacks and stacks of seriously discounted Melissa shoes. Everything is between $20 and $75, and the bulk of the selection sits in the $30-$45 range, which is a bargain compared to the usual Melissa retail price of $100 and up. Either way, it's a small price to pay for recycled and recyclable, vegan-friendly, hypo-allergenic footwear from Brazil.

What's here: a lot of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa, some Alexandre Herchcovitch x Melissa and Zaha Hadid x Melissa and tons of other regular Melissa styles.

What's not here: the new collections of kids and mens shoes, the Barbie x Melissa collection, Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa and the sparkly J. Maskrey and Swarovski x Melissa shoes. Sadly those are all too new to hit the sale stacks.

If you are a size 6 or 9, you must plunder the buckets of samples, all of which are going for $20. We're talking about Westwood, Herchcovitch...all of them mostly in slight variation or colors that never made it to production. True one-of-a-kinds.

For everyone else, the size range is from 5-10, with a good representation of those sizes among styles. And if you have a question, the sales staff is so friendly that it's almost like the opposite experience of the Louboutin sale; at Melissa, they want everyone to come and find some great shoes, and even enjoy the experience. So, if you're turned away at CL, there's still somewhere else to go to buy some shoes.
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