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Dashing for Samples, MACs and MABs at the Rebecca Minkoff Sale

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With all the sales happening this week, you'd think that shoppers would be more conservative than ever about spending, since there's so much to buy. But as we observed at the Rebecca Minkoff sale preview last night, this is not the case by far; the more bags you have hanging from you, the better the time you've having, it seems.

To be perfectly clear, last night was a party (though open to everyone) hosted by both PurseForum and Rebecca Minkoff herself. "Minkettes," or the small cult of devoted Minkoff fans, were elbow deep in the best selection of RM bags we've seen in quite some time, through many other RM sales. According to a source at the sale, the style flying off the tables fastest is the MAC Clutch, which rings up at $182, down from a regular price of $300-$360.

If you want to get down to business right away, then head straight back to the right where the tables of one-of-a-kind sample lay. Each is individually priced, and when you buy one, it's yours and only yours in a colorway or style that never reached production.

Prices for everything from the studded MAB minis ($349) to the giant "Main Squeeze" buckle totes ($272) are clearly displayed above or below each item, thus there is no easy-to-reference price list. In the very back of the space, a few racks of Minkoff's clothing collection are up for grabs, with those prices between $40 and $217.

The sale, at 93 Mercer Street, continues today from 10am to 7pm, and on through Sunday with continual restocking (!!) Hands down, our favorite item is the $178 "Boyfriend" bag, which is pretty much what the offspring of a union between Proenza Schouler PS1 and Alexander Wang's "Hanne" boots would look like. Yum.
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