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Coveted Fall Collection Is Going Fast at Lauren Moffatt's Sale

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As of 8:59am—a minute before its official opening—the Lauren Moffatt sample sale was packed with the pre-work rush. Women were snatching up the über-feminine, vintage-inspired looks, leaving neither a skirt nor a blouse unturned. We were slightly disappointed with the depleted $20 box, which only had a few damaged samples, but on the other hand, it was great that so much on sale was production from the current Fall 2010 collection. Smaller sizes were few and far between but we were assured by the designer herself that they would be replenishing later on.

The sale is filled with charming $120 dresses, including some really great but difficult-to-find maxi dresses from the collection. The bright red and green Navajo print skirts and dresses were plentiful in a range of sizes for $90 and $120 respectively. We also saw a large stock of the confetti print dresses and blouses.

Some of our favorites were the 1970s tomboyish striped sweaters for $110, which looked great with some of the more girly pieces. We loved the silky blouses for $90—both the polka dotted ones and the lightweight denim with funky buttons. By the time we left there were only four pairs of $80 woolly shorts left, and very few coats and capes on the racks. The unfortunately limited selection of $160 outerwear was mostly in larger sizes, but hopefully now that the stampede is over and the dust has settled, shoppers will find more options available on the racks.—Rachel Traub
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