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The Seriously Good Hanky Panky Sale Is the Anti La Perla

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The Hanky Panky sale, offering 75% off of the label's lacy goodness, was hopping this morning. While we were taking a minute to sort ourselves out at the requisite coat and bag check (honestly, you'd think we'd have it down to seconds by now), an overzealous shopper steamrolled right over us on her way to the ten-dollar thong stand. Yeah, it's that kind of sale, and the fabulous discounts are pretty much worth a crushed foot or two.

As with the usual Hanky Panky sales, the thongs—low-rise, mid-rise, petite, and original in an assortment of fun sorbet hues—are located at a staffed table area. There, shoppers fill out a form with their selections and pick up their orders near the fitting rooms. Thongs are $10 each (think about it, that's five thongs for the price of one fancy La Perla bottom!), plus, if you buy twelve, you get one (either a low-rise or original chosen by random) free.

For those who like a little more coverage, the regular bottoms are located in bins marked by size. Shoppers will find colorful boy cuts, hipsters, and bikinis in lovely lace, sexy patterns (hello, leopard) and whimsical prints for $10 each. Irregular lacy boy cut bottoms are $3 each and those bins were ravaged quite quickly.

We're also a fan of the super comfy bralettes, priced at $15 each. (We were almost waylaid by one shopper frantically repeating, "Where are the bras? Where are the bras?") The babydoll chemises are also super cute and affordable at $20 each in sexy black, basic creams, chaste whites, and rich jewel tones. The camis, priced at $10 for tanks and $15 for short sleeve, are also great to stock up on.

There is also a bridal section that features lace pastel-hued and white thongs with bedazzled designs reading "hitched" and the like. Plus garters are only $5.

The sale does have a fitting area, but most people know their size so it was pretty calm. This is also an opportune time for a PSA: please, please be considerate and try items on over your current undies. Thank you. Cash and credit are both accepted. Mid-morning, the checkout line was a complete monster, so if you're planning on stopping by, allot a decent amount of time. For those who want to avoid the initial rush, staffers promise that they will be restocking each day of the sale.
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