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Brooklyn Law Students Forced to Look at Diesel Underwear Models

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Diesel shot its fall/winter underwear ads in the library at Brooklyn Law School, causing a minor scandal and giving the New York Post an excuse to run not one, not two, but three different articles illustrated with photos of half-naked models. Most of the students seem to be amused by the campaign, but a first-year named Jordan Hersch told the Post that he found the ad "disgusting" and interim dean Michael Gerber sent a message to faculty and staff saying that the school administration was "shocked and mortified" by the images.

A school spokesperson said that Brooklyn Law thought Diesel would be using their library to stage ads for denim, not undies, but events director Chris Gibbons was present for the shoot. And today's Post includes a follow-up story about how Diesel photographers took over the library during spring break, prompting three or four students to complain and then "storm out."

Let's review those facts again, shall we? Students who were studying in the law library over spring break became offended when their homework was interrupted by a cadre of underwear models. Then Rodney Dangerfield appeared and did a triple lindy into the swimming pool, and that's when things really got out of hand.
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