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Catherine Malandrino Really Knows How to Promote a Sale

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Shopping sites like Gilt and Ideeli may have brought sample sales to the web, but New York's in-person sales don't make much use of the internet, other than the occasional sale announcement or email about a price reduction. So we were pleased to see the smart and fun ways that sample sale company Savvy and Catherine Malandrino used social networking to engage us in their sale this week.

In the beginning of November, the companies began announcing the sale on Twitter. They tweeted that everyone who RSVP'd via Facebook would get ten percent off all purchases—finally, a Facebook event we were happy to attend! (If some of the bands who pester us with invites would offer us clothing discounts, maybe we'd go see them play.) As an added incentive, the Malandrino sale later announced that anyone who RSVP'd by 5PM the day before the sale started was eligible to win one of three $300 gift certificates. That's enough to buy a dress and a sweater or a leather jacket. Not bad.

Once the sale was underway, there was a stream of messages breaking down the prices, informing us when new stock was being added (more leather!), and displaying photos of some of the clothing that was available. And then there were the promotions: Spend $300 dollars and get a cute Ecco tote bag free. Spend $250/$500/$1000 and get bonus gift certificates to any of the Malandrino stores for $25/$75/$125.

On the second day of the sale, we received a message with a surprise "thank you" for "loyal customers" informing us that if we'd spent $400 dollars the previous day, we could bring our receipt back that day (only) for 25% off all purchases. This morning, the last day of the sale, we learned that prices on all merchandise, except the Malandrino Runway Collection, had been reduced 30% off original sale prices. (Note: This cannot be combined with any other offers).

Not only did all this communication make us excited about going to the sale, it also made us want to return and shop more. We forwarded the sale's Facebook link to our friends, and we suspect a lot of others did too. This probably gave both the Savvy and Malandrino a great email list of people who will actually want to hear from them about future sales. Here's hoping more companies follow their lead.
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