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Soho Community Spokesman Calls Kardashian Fans "Clueless Sheep"

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The scene on opening night
The scene on opening night

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A week after the Kardashians' store Dash opened in Soho, neighborhood paper The Villager talks to locals about the crowded, disorganized launch party. Says the director of the Soho Alliance: “I think it is reprehensible that they would tweet their fans to purposely create this zoo on our streets...The Kardashians are attempting to bring all that is wrong with Los Angeles to Soho, as well as to their fans—a generation of classless, tasteless and clueless sheep."

Dash sales associate Julia Krane puts it slightly differently, telling the paper enthusiastically that the Kardashians are trying to bring "L.A.-style openings" to New York. Neighbors are afraid that the chaos will continue as the Kardashians film their reality show at the store, but it sounds like they don't need to worry: Krane says that filming is "sporadic" and might even be finished.

Somebody should probably tell that to the fans, though. The Villager spoke to Canadian Kardashian lover Genet Nulugetta, 26, who was disappointed not to find a single one of the sisters at the shop. “I’d expect to see them—I mean, it’s their store,” she said. “I’d expect one of them to be here.”
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