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Watch Ralph Lauren's 4D Light Show, Polo Ponies and All

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It might not have entered the fourth dimension, but Ralph Lauren's 4D light show on the side of the label's new Madison Avenue flagship last night definitely felt like it defied the laws of physics. First, the building facade cracked open, rearranging itself like a Transformer until it had formed an elegant hall with a catwalk rolling down the middle. After the runway show came iconic Ralph Lauren pieces: A rotating bag, a belt that encircled the building, a man's watch, draped ties. Ghostly polo players galloped out of the building, and then all four bottles from the Big Pony collection materialized as the scents wafted over the crowd. Finally, Ralph himself appeared and waved from a window.

The big, boisterous crowd, a melange of fashion people and curious bystanders, seemed genuinely awed by the spectacle. People often react badly to being ambushed with cologne, but this was no Abercrombie situation: A sign warned people with allergies to stay away from the designated spritzing area, and the scents themselves were gentle, subtle, refined—you know, Ralph-like. That's the video above; for the full multi-dimensional effect, break out the fragrance around minute 5:30.
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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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