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Digging for Delicate Lingerie at the Araks Sale

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After a short trek up five stinky flights of stairs, the Araks sale is a glowing oasis of lingerie. Despite the two racks of highly discounted spring 2010 clothes, prices were still a little steep for our wallets, which are currently suffering rapid depletion due to November sale mayhem. More rolling racks display sets of sheer, slightly pricier but beautifully crafted lingerie; pick out what you want, and staff will bring whatever color is available in your size.

Don't get distracted by the random section of sale shoes from Pour la Victoire ($150) and Steven ($30)—the real gems here are the racks and bins of bras, panties, swimwear and loungewear. If you're on the hunt for the real deals, the $10 camis and $20 bras, then get ready to do a little bin diving. Luckily when we went this morning the sale wasn't crowded, but some elbow action might be necessary later on in the day.

The more expensive lingerie on the racks was generally the most current styles—detailed and multi-fabric pieces such as a layered silk and cotton bra for $50 and an adorable $65 slip. One of our favorites was an adorable $60 sheer jumper, although we couldn't figure out the appropriate time to wear a totally see-through onesie. Sets are displayed on separate hangers next to each other, which makes it easy to mix and match the modern but feminine styles.

As for the effortless, silky ready-to-wear, we only saw a few sizes, but the staffers promised more selection in the back. Some standouts were the simple nude "Mak Athletic Pant" marked down from $450 to $195, a pleated navy dress for $450, and a yellow silk tee shirt for $120. We did spot one dress for $80, although it appeared to be an older, slightly frumpy style.

The bins were overflowing with $20 Martina camis and lacey boyshorts, but there are a few $20 bras and some thongs scattered throughout. If you're gearing up for a sunny holiday vacation, there is a seriously sexy black one-piece bathing suits for $30 and charming ruffled bikinis for $20. The $10 bin was full of boyshorts that might feel like diapers under jeans but would be great for lounging around the house and some ribbed tees. Just a heads up: Most of ARAKS lingerie is pretty rather than supportive, so the majority of styles are soft cups with a very limited underwire section.—Rachel Traub
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