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Gap's Holiday Ads Star Susie Bubble and the Foursquare Founders

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For its holiday campaign this year, the Gap asked a bunch of creative types to pick good causes and talk about them in a series of short videos. Every time someone "Likes" one of the videos on Facebook, the featured charity gets $1 (and the fan gets 30% off a non-sale Gap purchase.)

Instead of photographing Jon Hamm or a bunch of Glee lookalikes, the Gap went with a younger group of models from a wider range of fields, including style blogger Susie Bubble, dancer/choreographer/Natalie Portman dater Benjamin Millepied, actors Donald Glover and Ryan Kwanten, and Foursquare founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, who we know as "those guys from our office" because Racked and Foursquare share an HQ. See that image above? That's pretty much what happens every time we step into the elevator.
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