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Snowed In at Jil Sander in Soho

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The balmy days of summer may be but a memory, but it's still too darned early for snow. Try telling that to the masters of make believe who took over Howard Street in Soho on Tuesday. They were shoveling drifts across the sidewalk, piling the white stuff right up to the big doors of the always chilly Jil Sander at the corner of Crosby. A lone shopkeeper stood frozen and forlorn, cloistered inside with not even Jil's mink cuffed boots to keep her warm.

The faux snow (aka magnesium sulphate heptahydrate) was a key prop in a shoot for something from L'Oreal. But from the dim and dark look of things later that evening, this could have been an Exorcist remake. Wind machines were blowing and flakes were flying through the air as smoke billowed down the block. The director called "Action!" and a willowy blonde (definitely not Rachel Weisz) wearing a shearling coat with jeggings (maybe) and heels high as heaven emerged from the mist. She walked across the cobblestones as if her paycheck depended on it. Since this was show biz they did that same move over and over, and soon the magic melted away. But the snow remained. Which leads us to wonder: What would Tory Burch think of that?
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