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VPL's New Shop Will Make You Wish You Were Changing For Gym Class

Image via T Magazine
Image via T Magazine

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When it comes to elementary school, getting laughed at in gym class and having to strip down to your skivvies are two of the most potentially embarrassing moments an eight-year-old can endure. At VPL's new Soho location, though, you'll long for the days of doing calisthenics instead of pilates, and can snap up underwear-inspired looks that would have made changing in the locker room a breeze.

Designed to look like a vintage gymnasium, the shop has rings hanging from the ceiling, an old-school punching bag and enough rope to give you flashbacks to your best middle school climbing techniques. Amidst the equipment at VPL (the name adorably stands for the undie faux-pas of visibile panty lines), designer Victoria Bartlett has carefully organized her line of vintage lingerie-inspired wares, a choice of accessory and jewelry collaborations and even art, putting her friends' work on display.

With so many goodies and gym equipment to stare at in Bartlett's new shop, we don't know what we're more excited to do—deck ourselves out with her newest items, or see if we can actually beat our junior high chin-up record. Here's hoping we get to both.
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