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Your Christian Louboutin Sale Questions, Answered

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Gather 'round, ladies (and gentlemen who like heels): The bona fide, verified details of the Christian Louboutin sale have landed in our inbox. It's not taking place tomorrow, as rumored—but it is taking place soon.

First things first for newbies: The biannual sale is always private and invitation-only. To get an invite, you have to be on the list, and to be on the list, you have to work in the industry. Deals can be amazing—like $150 for a pair of heels—but the line is harrowing, and from our experience, trying to get in without an RSVP is a waste of time.

The sale takes place next week on the third floor of 306 W. 38th Street. Wednesday, November 17 is the press day, but it lasts two more days after that. Wednesday runs 8am to 6pm, Thursday 9am to 5pm, and Friday 9am to 3pm. If you're on the list, let us know how it goes—and if you happen to wander by and snap a photo of the line to get in, please do send it our way.
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Christian Louboutin

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Christian Louboutin Sale

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