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The Disneyfication of Times Square Looms

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Those who have spilled tears over the transformation of Times Square from tawdry to tame will really have something to cry about on Tuesday, November 9th when the "all new magical shopping experience" from Disney opens its doors at 1540 Broadway. Tinkerbell's new digs, a 25,000 square foot space that was formerly home to the Virgin Records Megastore, is tricked out with huge LED screens above Broadway, showcasing everything Disney. Inside the emporium, shoppers will find "an interactive Disney Princess castle" and, no doubt, plenty of paraphernalia in pink.

Since the store is flanked by the high-tech M.A.C. flagship and the mind-blowingly humongous Forever 21, tweeners of all ages will never want to leave this block. On Sunday, November 7, eager fans of fairies and other fantastical creatures will have a chance for a sneak peek of the "breathtaking new venue" (sorry, Dumbo, but the event is sold out). On opening day, to get things started as the holiday shopping madness cranks up, Mickey and a whole parade of friends will welcome some fortunate family of four. That morning the Disney disciples will turn the key and unlock the castle doors as Times Square is conquered and rechristened Walt World, happily ever after.
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