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Alert: Man Jeggings Have Been Spotted in Soho

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Are you a male who has been observing the jeggings trend take off with more than a shred of jealousy that the girls get to have all the tight pants fun? Uniqlo feels your pain, and so they've gone ahead and made man jeggings a reality. Majeggings?

Yesterday evening, after surveying the +J Jil Sander craziness of the first floor, we headed upstairs with a male shopping companion and spied a couple racks simple labelled: "Men's Leggings Pants." Available in black, dark green and grey (and maybe blue denim if you dig more), the majeggings are $29.90 and only seem to run as large as a size 33.

Yes, we coerced our guyfriend into the fitting room with a pair, and received confirmation that yes, they are truly stretchy and tight, leaving little bulge to the imagination but surprisingly flattering on the legs.

So how many portmanteaus is that so far this fall? Jeggings, Treggings, Majeggings, Pleggings, Preggings...
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Uniqlo - Soho

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546 Broadway, New York, NY