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Uniqlo's +J Launch Begins With a Bang in Soho

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At 8am, Uniqlo unleashes the fall 2010 collection of its Jil Sander-designed +J line upon the world. Uniqlo launches tend to get crazier towards the afternoon, but the early morning line should be a good indicator of the rest of the day. As always, Fawnia Soo Hoo is on the scene to report live.

7:32am: Hello! It's a lovely fall morning for the latest round of Uniqlo +J. The first in line arrived after 6am and there are probably around 50+ people here. There's something like one suit-wearing bouncer for every 15 people, and staffers are passing out +J catalogs.

7:36am: Behind me there are three seriously caffeinated ladies going through the catalog. "I want that one and that one and that one!" "That is FABULOUS!"

7:40am: The line is steadily growing and I'd say it's equal parts (thin) men and women of all ages.

7:42am: The Caffeine Trio is on fire this morning. They're taking pictures of themselves and talking about how their husbands think they're crazy for getting up so early to go shopping (welcome to our lives.) One lady says, "Men just don't do this sort of thing." Uh, don't tell that to all the guys in line.

7:45am: One staffer says they might only let in ten at a time. "Maybe. It's up to Jill." Jill? (Or is that...Jil?) And now it's raining.

7:48am: First baby: Spotted.

The catalog

7:50am: The Caffeine Trio is now up in arms because one was accused by a bouncer of cutting when she left to throw out a coffee cup and then came back to the line. The lady behind them confirmed that she's been here the whole time. They're strict this morning! Also, how could he have missed her? That group is easily the most vocal in line.

7:52am: OK, but the lady with the ginormous stroller DID cut and no one is complaining. Next time I'm bringing a fake baby.

7:54am: It's starting to rain harder. People (OK, one woman behind me) now threatening to "storm the gates."

7:56am: Guess the lady and baby didn't cut. They just dropped by to say hi to Dad in line. Role reversal!

8:01am: They're starting to let us in!

The inside line

8:04am: Yay! I'm inside and they're giving us all shopping bags. We're all in line again, but at least it's indoors.

8:08am: Getting closer. Per usual, they've curtained off the windows of the +J section so you can't see the action until you're inside. To quote the ladies from earlier, I feel like I'm at a night club. With house music and everything.

8:09am: There's even an intimidating-looking staffer manning the entrance. She stopped the line right at me—but I can see puffy coats in the distance.

8:11am: Apparently they let everyone wait in line inside because it's raining hard outside. A staffer said there are about 110 people in line inside the store.

8:15am: Since the men's side is empty I think they're going to let boys in. Hurry up, ladies! I see a staffer wearing the Soutien collared jacket and it's super-cute.

8:18am: So 80% of the collection is in, but items like the duffel coat and the down-lined wool coat aren't here yet. The staffer estimates that they should arrive in two weeks and says to check Facebook and Twitter for the announcement.

8:20am: I'm in! Full report coming soon!

Parting shot: The scene inside

Update: We have emerged victorious! The exhaustive report is right over here.

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