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Is Courtney Love Trash Talking Dash on Twitter?

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Could it be?! We received a mildly confusing tweet from colove1 yesterday about Dash coming to Soho, and after laying it all out, we have a feeling this might actually be the real Courtney Love.

Practically calling the sisters' shop a Californian poor man's Intermix, Court lambasted the idea of the shop having such high profile neighbors, even if she got the Spring Street boutique's location wrong.

The account isn't verified like her other one, but the notorious celebrity-turned-Tumblr fashionista does have multiple Twitter accounts. And, more importantly, we're not sure who else would be able to drop as many obscure fashion names while also having her voice down so well. Maybe we're just dreaming, but considering how difficult even we would find it to pretend to write as her and that she recently quit Twitter, she might be getting her microblogging joneses out under a different name.

Clo, if you're out there—we couldn't hate someone who looks as good in a sheath dress as you do. But, if you don't take us shopping with you soon, we just might.

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