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Exclusive: Previewing Loden Dager's Studio Sale

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With a little while to go before Loden Dager's seasonal studio sale is set to begin, we thought we'd bring you an early look. Lucky us: We had the opportunity to check out all the samples and overstock up for sale yesterday. All pieces are from the spring/summer and current fall/winter collections. Garments are mostly stock—plastic-wrapped and ready to go from the factory—though there is one rack of some of the line's quirkier samples.

So, should you go? It probably depends. There isn't a massive glut of stuff—but there are a nice variety of sizes. We saw smalls and extra larges; we saw jackets ranging from a 38 to a 44. Bonus: More than half of it is absolutely current; and all the rest is only one season past. That's cool, but you get what you pay for. Pricing for fall collection starts at $75 for super-soft, muted tees and goes up from there. Long-placket polos are $90, shirting is $200, a nice array of sweaters start at $200, pants are $250, blazers are $550 and coats start at $700 and reach on up to $900. Eek. Pricing for spring is gentler with tees at $40, pants and shirts starting at $80, and blazers at $200.

Our favorites? A turquoise two-button blazer, anoraks and anorak blazers in grass green, an assortment of lovely shawl-collared cardigans and pull-overs, woolly gray suit jackets, and omigod—feel the tee shirts. Also, the small selection of Loden Dager for Esquivel shoes are pretty beautiful. Otherwise, find a lot of really lovely basics—chinos and trousers, blazers, a fur-trimmed black parka—along with some pretty interesting samples (some sort of Baja, embellished Easter-hued shorts), and a very, very sheer crewneck sweater.

The sale runs from 1pm to 4pm today and tomorrow. It's on the right side of fifth floor—if you go into the wrong door be sure to say hi to Philip Crangi!
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