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Bleecker Street's Jack Spade Has Mice

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Jack Spade may have mice, but at least they're not your typical West Village-dwelling furballs; the two rodents in the Bleecker Street store's windows are stuffed. Only those with eagle eyes or awesome peripheral vision will catch sight of the taxidermied duo, perched as they are on the inside sill and next to a large briefcase.

The use of these props is obviously tongue-in-cheek, since mice are totally normal to have in an old Manhattan building, and this display riffs on that idea. Here they are used for decoration, positioned as they might be if they were real and pattering about the store at night.

This is made all the more entertaining by the fact that last year, a live mouse was spotted in the window of Bleecker Street chocolatier Pure Dark (now closed). Hey, at least Jack Spade's aren't real and at least they aren't rats.
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