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Silver Lining Opticians' New Store Has a Secret Room

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Glasses store Silver Lining Opticians has moved from its sleek, wood-floored spot on Thompson Street to...another sleek, wood-floored spot on Thompson Street! But while the location hasn't changed very much, the new shop has all sorts of cool new amenities.

It's bigger, for one thing, which means more room for the store's collection of vintage sunglasses and stylish frames from eyeglass-focused brands like Barton Perreira and Anglo American Eyewear. There's also more space for the European-produced in-house line, which is expanding at a rapid pace. And there's a secret back room for consultations with clients who'd like to try on glasses in private—clients like one Kanye West, who'd just borrowed a range of vintage sunglasses when we dropped by this weekend.

Store owner Jordan Silver is incredibly hands-on, which is great if you're someone who likes a lot of help choosing a pair of frames. (We get the sense that it genuinely pains him to see someone wearing a pair of ill-fitted glasses; he's that passionate about it.) Just be warned: While you're studying your bespectacled reflection in the mirror to the left of the counter, it's entirely possible that Kanye or somebody like him will be watching you—it's a two-way mirror that acts as a window for the private inner room.
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Silver Lining Opticians

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