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Could Century 21 Have Sold This Fashion Blogger A Fake Bag?

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Sara Zucker, the hilarious, fashion-loving blogger behind Farpitzs, was in for a surprise when she stopped by Foley + Corinna's Lower East Side shop earlier this weekend. In search of a longer strap for the Disco City tote she bought at Century 21 this past August, she discovered that the bag appears to be a complete fake.

Zucker bought the bag as a present for her sister for $99.95 after buying the same style direct from the designer for $95. Side by side, the two bags look identical, with the only difference being a shorter strap. (The black on the left is the one in question and the navy is the writer's own.) Taking to her blog for answers, Zucker published a letter to the CEO asking how and why this could have happened.

I need you, Century21, a respected designer off-price department store, to tell me why this happened. Why would you purchase from a counterfeit dealer? Why would you do business with a company that has ripped off, albeit well, an independent and struggling designer based in your own flagship city? This has made me doubt the integrity of the company as I highly doubt that what I have purchased is the only fake to be found in your stores.
Earlier today, she heard back. The store prides itself on selling brand names (as it should), and offered to rectify the situation, despite the return policy having already expired. Pertinent quote:
Please return the item in question to our handbags manager in the store. I have cc'ed our sales audit manager to help you find your credit card receipt, so that you can return this item. We take all counterfeit issues very seriously. I am sending a copy of this email to the handbags buyer so that she can speak to her vendor about you claims. She will address any issue found.

We'll let you know if we hear a final word from the department store, but it could be worse—at least the bag doesn't have bedbugs.
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