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Teen Environmentalists Protest Abercrombie Cologne on Fifth Avenue

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This afternoon, environmentalist group Teens Turning Green is protesting rampant cologne usage at the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. Racked correspondent Cynthia Drescher is on the scene.

4:15pm I'm here. There are about 20 of them protesting, and foreign tourists with DSLR camers are very interested.

4:18pm: The protesters are saying "You know how tourists pose for photos in front of the store? They should pose with us!"

4:22pm: They're dressed very chic, the protesters. Mainly girls. I bet Abercrombie & Fitch wishes they had them as customers. Guys holding A&F shopping bags are even taking pictures of them.

4:25pm: More quotes: "I consider it a violation of People's rights." "They spray it every few hours." "you go in, you pass by, and it's on your clothes. There are 11 different chemicals in it that we don't know what they do."

4:28pm: Now they're starting a new chant!

4:30pm: There are two A&F security guys out here now. Despite all those stories about how Abercrombie only hires clean-cut white guys, they're both minorities and one has a visible tattoo. Progress?

4:33pm The A&F dude told them they can't film in the store, so they're on the curb, with cameras facing away from store.

4:35pm: Now the security guy is telling them to keep their chants down. They're getting quieter.

4:36pm They chant for like two minutes then stop for ten, so it's not too crazy. On the other hand, the line to enter the store is still happening and still inexplicable.

4:42pm: I might have to take back the chic thing. One is wearing gold metallic Topsiders. It's like 55 degrees out! I do salute the girl in the cape though—a waist-length one, not a Halloween thing.

4:43pm: Middle-aged lady walking by: "I wonder what kind of spray they're talking about."

4:48pm: Okay, I think I'm going to go because my sinuses are already killing me from the scent. One things for sure: The protestors will star in many tourists' Flickr streams of their trip to NY.

Abercrombie & Fitch

720 Fifth Avenue, New York NY