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YSL Fans Get Up Before the Sun for the Friends and Family Sale

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This morning, dedicated shoppers woke up bright and early (well, dark and early) for first access to the Yves Saint Laurent sale at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. Racked Senior Line Expert Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene.

6:53am: Hello! I just arrived and holy crap—it's still dark out. The line is also not long at all. I'd say there are about 30 people here. The first arrival camped out starting around 5am.

6:58am: I took a picture, but it's fuzzy because the sun isn't up yet. It looks like a candlelight vigil or something.

7:03am: So a group of girls just convened. One is clearly a newbie because she came sans coffee and is marveling at the length of the small line. Another is visiting from Asia and is jetlagged, so this early time works out perfect for her. I still can't read my AMNY because it's so dark out.

The line circa 7:19am

7:19am: Hallelujah! The sun is up! And the line has grown by about 20 people.

7:23am: Newbie is now ranting about how she wants another Muse bag and she doesn't care what she gets, but she's getting something. Her more seasoned friend offers some sage advice: "No, don't go in like that because then you'll be all pissed off if you can't find anything."

7:27am: An enterprising cabbie (who drove by earlier yelling "Jesus loves you" multiple times) is now walking the line and handing out business cards.

7:28am: Oh wait, those aren't business cards. They're some sort of pocket-sized religious brochures. And he totally just skipped over me! I must look like a completely lost cause.

7:30am: And now he's peeling away in his cab.

7:34am: The security staff has arrived. One staffer is reminding everyone about the coat and bag check. He says they'll be opening up at about 8am. There is also a Bonpoint sale, too (like last year), and he's saying that people can go from YSL to Bonpoint but not the other way around.

7:38am: Taking a scan of the line: There are probably 100-150 people here, and it's about 70% female. I don't see any of those infamous gruff eBay men, but I did see a woman arrive early with a suitcase.

The end of the line around 7:30am

7:41am: The line still hasn't hit the Container Store yet. My friend went to the Gilt City pre-sale last night and said that it wasn't crazy, so was everyone scared off? Or will there be a deluge at 3pm?

7:49am: The girls in front of me are devising their shopping plan. Says the seasoned shopper, "We have to set a time limit so if we don't find anything we know when to leave." They're all planning to get into work by 10am. Which makes me wonder: What are people's strategies for disguising their purchases? I mean, if you roll into work an hour late with a giant white shopping bag, you can't really blame a plumbing emergency.

7:52am: There are all these stragglers joining their friends in line right now. Pet peeve, for sure. The rest of us didn't get here before the sun rose for nothing! A couple guys are giving the latest pair the stink eye.

7:55am: There seems to be some sort of movement. People are gearing up. I'm confident I'll get in with the first group (hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

8:00am: We're moving! Everyone is removing jackets in preparation.

8:01am: And we've stopped. Must be that stupid elevator.

8:05am We've just moved up another elevator-load. People are anxiously crowding together as if that will fool the security guard into letting in more of us at once.

8:11am: OK, I may have jinxed myself because the guy cut off the line in front of me. I'll be in next. They forbid us from taking the stairs, by the way—not very green.

8:13am: In! Pictures coming soon.

The adventure continues with prices, photos, and lots of local color right over here.

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Metropolitan Pavilion

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