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Inside the YSL Sale: If You Find a Muse Bag, Guard It Well

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Rather than make you wait for a YSL sale report, we're just going to keep the liveblog going. Below, follow along as Fawnia Soo Hoo reports on the state of the sale. (For a comprehensive look at prices, check out the price list in the gallery.)

8:15am I'm in! It's pretty quiet so far. Some Bonpoint girls are crashing—not fair!

8:20am: There are barely any bags and they're mostly summery—white or woven. I see one white bow bag for $800, some white Tributes for $450, one ombré Downtown for $600...oops, that's already gone. Canvas tire track totes are $100 down from $195.

8:28am: Shoes are more promising. Emerald green Tango wedge sandals are $400, satin peep-toe platforms are $250, and gold and black Army sandals are $150. I'm seeing patent round-toe pumps in olive green for $300 and stacked-heel black croc sandals for $200. Don't see any of the signature platforms, though.

8:30am: Just spotted one pair of Tributes for $449. Girls are toting boot boxes around, but I don't see a ton. One pair of black suede platform boots is $500.

8:36am: I see a guy toting three Muses around. Where are they?

8:38am: A girl toting a large lilac Muse says hers is $650. I didn't even see the bags on the tables. Must have been snatched up by the first group in. People are seriously hoarding.

8:40am: Rumor has it that they're restocking in a few minutes. Everyone's starting to crowd the table. One girl just admitted to a stranger that she's hovering. And the girl with the bags said that she'll give her discards to the stalker. How civilized!

8:42am: While I'm hovering, might as well check out the clothes. A cashmere camel jacket with rough edges is $939 (from $2350.) A ruffle-neck sleeveless blouse is $479 (from $1195.)

8:43am: The jewelry is super-cute. Big flower rings are $59. I see a gold chain bracelet with a ball design for $39. Cuffs, though, are over $200.

8:45am: Still waiting for restocking, so now I'm looking at men's shoes. Oxfords are $250, wingtip ankle boots $400, paint-splattered canvas lace-ups $200, velvet slip-ons $300, suede cerulean blue loafers $250.

8:47am: Men's button-downs start around $149 for light banker blue and run to $349 for a gray-and-black polka dot shirt.

8:50am: Some girl put her lilac Muse on a table to try on a coat, and someone else almost took it. The girl bolted across the room so fast...

8:52am: A girl has a gold double tote, $695. And I see someone carrying around a pair of wine patent Tributes. Are they ever going to restock?

8:55am: A few more price notes: Chain link wrist pouches in black, navy, and cream are $250. Little satin color-block Downtown purses are $275 (from $995.)

8:58am: I just asked a staffer when they'll restock the bags, and she says she doesn't know. It should happen every morning, but not frequently throughout the day. Another staffer says that they receive new shipments every evening, so a morning replenishment is guaranteed. As for restocking later in the day, he says "Could happen this afternoon, at noon, in half an hour—who knows?"

8:59am: Also, the staffer suggests waiting around for people who bring five bags up to the register and wind up not buying all of them once they hear the total bill. Staffers will also walk those discards back to the table.

9:05am: Let's talk about hoarding, because it's everywhere. People are just hovering around the hoarders waiting for them to settle on their purchases. I see one girl who's been carrying around the same three bags for the past hour and she STILL doesn't know which one she wants. And another woman is staring hard at a purple tote with five people crowding her. She's all "I just haven't decided yet!"

9:15am: There's a toddler in the size 36 shoe aisle playing with a pair of platforms.

9:17am: Someone set down a small Y bow bag and it's $750. While I was checking the price, three girls were giving me the stink eye. Meanwhile, someone just put down a Muse and it lasted about half a second. I think the hoarders are making their final cuts now.

9:20am: Staffers are bringing out more shoes, but it's been about 40 minutes and they still haven't restocked the bags. It might be time to call it a day.

9:27am: Final thing: The line outside is still at the Container Store, probably because no one is leaving the sale.

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